Five years after the aliens released a deadly virus, those immune have taken up shelter in what was once an underground government facility. Welcome to NACS - North American Communications - facility, home to a few former employees, survivors who stumbled in from outside, and an A.I. system named PATRICIA. You are the most recent - and last - survivor to join NACS, and you are thrown into a world of fear, chaos, and political conspiracy. You are contacted by an anonymous resident to investigate these strange events.

The VisitorsWhen an alien virus kills nearly everyone on Earth, you find safety in a secret government facility... But a survivor is then found dead -- or was she murdered?

Disconnect → You begin to uncover a conspiracy around the victim. At the same time, the Council is making a decision that will affect all of humanity. Are these events connected?

Divide → Someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes. But who? And to what end? The survivors become more divided than ever. Should we lock the doors to the outside world forever, or keep them unlocked and risk exposure to the dangers that lurk outside?

The Unfolding → New discoveries come just in the nick of time. But the "conspirator" stays one step ahead. You must find the truth before their plot unfolds.

Do or Die → You finally have enough evidence to release the truth to the residents of NACS before the Council decides. All the while, something sinister still lurks in the shadows. Can you solve the crisis in time and save what's left of humanity?