NACS Facility





*Note that you MUST use A117 now instead of C117!


Personnel Files

Council Profiles

  • Clicking on "Laila Mariel Woods" directly opens up her file.
    • It is not password-protected.




  • We can see the other members' votes and their reasoning for voting the way they did.


Case File


  • This is proof that the soil is degrading and will not be suitable to keep growing crops.


  • This is a report of Simone's finding, concluding that the virus would no longer be a threat.


  • This is the estimated time for survival if the lock-in were to occur.



  • The password is:
    • APOGEE
  • *Oh, god, no! Not more binary!!!! Anything but binary!!!
  • I cheated and used a website to decode all of this... lol.
  • Once deciphered, the message reads:
    • I will take PATRICIA. I know the trails. I know the outposts. With the right equipment I can build a terminal anywhere. My destiny will never escape me. No one was ready to see how beautiful my plan was, and so you live as captives under the rule of a broken PATRICIA. In case things go awry, and I am unable to bring PATRICIA back from the brink of chaos, use the following fail-safe key: Derrida, ending in the sum of Oswald's identity. We are all just numbers in the end.
  • "Oswald's identity" is the number from the FBI badge.
  • Ending in the "sum" means to add all the numbers in Oswald's ID together by converting the letter to numbers.
    • X = 24
    • F = 6
    • D = 4
  • 24 + 6 + 9 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 5 + 3 = 51


  • Type in "Derrida51" to unlock PATRICIA.
  • Doing so gives us a long thread of messages from Markson along with more binary.
  • Once decoded, the message reads:
    • "Please stop Markson. Let me help you one last time. Unlock the vote page with something you will never see again. Time is running out. There's a shadow hanging over me."
  • The answer to this riddle is:
    • yesterday


Council Portal

  • The password is:
    • "yesterday"
    • "Oswald" interrupts Laila's message. He wins after all! Our vote was for naught!
  • *I voted no. I did go back and vote "yes" just to see if I could. It was kind of saddening to see how heartbroken Laila was when she saw how we voted... Seeing "Oswald" in person made me kinda like him more... lol