4:40 PM

  • Approximate time of physical altercation between Ashley Mendoza and Judith Richards.

6:27 PM

  • Harold Richards was at The Canyon VIP Bar with a guest.

6:33 PM

  • Security broke up an argument between two guests (Sebastian Dyer) and Lewis Vanzetti) outside The Canyon

6:59 PM

  • Harold Richards was at the Steakhouse Lodge Bar & Grill with a guest.

7:07 PM

  • Harold Richards took his two children off Club premises.

7:34 PM

  • Ashley left a message for Reggie that she would be home late.

7:38 PM

  • Thomas Ford Cross as at The Canyon VIP Bar.

7:45 PM - 8:15 PM

  • Time frame of Ashley Mendoza's death.
  • Judith Richards in a meeting at the clubhouse.

7:49 PM

  • Sebastian Dyer sent a wire transfer for $2,500, which had to be done in person.

9:00 PM

  • Reggie left the country club protest after cleaning up.

9:01 PM

  • Judith Richards responded to a thread on High Fences.