Ashley's Bag

  • This is a reusable tote bag.
  • It holds numerous items.

A.S. Wavelength Printout
Found in Ashley's Bag

  • All wavelengths on this sheet with the exception of the top one, are damn near spot-on with those for Sebastian Dyer.

Bidding Sheet
Found in Ashley's Bag

  • We can eliminate 3 people from being Angel Silva's new identity based on the heights given in the profiles here.

Campaign Response
Found in Ashley's Bag

  • This is another letter shutting down Ashley and basically telling her to "shape the eff up" or else.

CarPuul Article

  • Angel Silva made a statement for this article, vouching for the rideshare company.
  • Jesus Christ, I know Uber and them can't be as bad as CarPuul, but this is one reason I will never take one.
    • You don't know who the hell you're getting in a car with...

Cease and Desist Letter
Found in Ashley's Bag

  • This is a letter from Kim Barton to Ashley to stop harassing the campaign members with slander.

Driver Profile

  • Angel Silva drove for CarPuul.
    • The "sign-up event" from the CarPuul article must have been for job seekers.
  • Although the ID is "faded out", it slightly resembles Kim Barton's photo on Ashley's blog site.
  • The second sheet lists where Angel stopped throughout the evening.
    • At 11:39, he stopped at Condor Ave/King St. This is the site of the car crash noted in the police report.
    • At 11:50, he stopped at 1 Cross St.
    • As noted in the magazine spread from Episode 1, 1 Cross Street is where Paris Green is - where Harold and Lewis were headed, and also where TFC's family mansion is).

Frannie's Letter

  • Frannie talks about hanging out with Reggie and all that good stuff.
  • She wants us to look more into Angel Silva and see if we can find why his trail went cold.
  • She also suggests we look at the "screenshots" folder on her website.

Note Envelope
Found in Ashley's Bag

  • This envelope holds several cut-up pieces of a note.
  • Reggie found it in TFC's campaign dumpster and thinks it was meant for Angel Silva.

Note Pieces
Found in Envelope in Ashley's Bag

  • This is a threatening letter to Angel.
  • Use the shift key on the bottom of the TFC bobblehead base.
  • Once decoded, the messages read:
    • "WE HAD A DEAL."
  • The author of this note is TFC, considering:
    • The shift key was etched on the bottom of his bobblehead base
    • He speaks of "winning"
    • "The Friendly Chap" = TFC = Thomas Ford Cross

Police Report
Found in Ashley's Bag

  • Note the address is the same as the second-to-last stop on Angel Silva's record of recent stops on his driver profile.
  • The report states there were recent tire marks from a second vehicle.
    • Could this be from Angel Silva's vehicle?
    • For some reason, I don't believe Officer Vaughn's statement of the second tire set having nothing to do with the crash.
    • Was Lewis forced to veer off the road to avoid hitting Angel's car? If so, why hadn't Lewis mentioned it?

Reggie's Note

  • Reggie is writing to us personally.
  • She explains the reasoning behind sending the items in Ashley's bag.

Suspect Wavelength Printouts

  • These can be compared with the A.S. wavelength printout.

TFC Bobblehead
Found in Ashley's Bag

  • There is actually something etched into the bottom of this one's base.
  • It is a shift cipher key.
    • A = H
    • B = I
    • C = J
    • D = K
    • E = L
  • Whatever the key belongs to, the letters will be shifted backward in the alphabet by 7.

Witness Statements
Found in Ashley's Bag

  • These are witness statements for the car crash.
  • Didn't anyone tell you, Harold? Joke's kill. 😉
  • Man, what a bummer. Brand new car and trashed the same day...
  • Contradicting stories (for a reason?)...
    • Harold said he asked Lewis to drive.
    • Lewis said he asked Harold if he could drive.


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Remaining Suspects

  • Harold Richards
  • J̶u̶d̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶R̶i̶c̶h̶a̶r̶d̶s̶
  • Kim Barton
  • Lewis Vanzetti
  • Sebastian Dyer
  • Thomas Ford Cross


Running Timeline

4:40 PM

  • Approximate time of physical altercation between Ashley Mendoza and Judith Richards.

6:27 PM

  • Harold Richards was at The Canyon VIP Bar with a guest.

6:33 PM

  • Security broke up an argument between two guests (Sebastian Dyer) and Lewis Vanzetti) outside The Canyon.

6:59 PM

  • Harold Richards was at the Steakhouse Lodge Bar & Grill with a guest.

7:07 PM

  • Harold Richards took his two children off Club premises.

7:34 PM

  • Ashley left a message for Reggie that she would be home late.

7:38 PM

  • Thomas Ford Cross as at The Canyon VIP Bar.

7:45 PM - 8:15 PM

  • Time frame of Ashley Mendoza's death.
  • Judith Richards in a meeting at the clubhouse.

9:00 PM

  • Reggie left the country club protest after cleaning up.

9:01 PM

  • Judith Richards responded to a thread on High Fences.


Who is Angel Silva?

  • Sebastian Dyer