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⍻ Ashley's Autopsy

⍻ Bar Towel

⍻ Comment Cards

⍻ Country Club Pamphlet

⍻ Frannie's Letter

⍻ High Fences Screenshot

⍻ Police Report

⍻ Receipts

⍻ Reggie's Note

⍻ Reservation Schedule

⍻ Shot Glass

⍻ TFC Event Flyer

⍻ Witness Statements

⍻ Work Orders Log

Physical Items

Ashley's Autopsy

  • Three puncture marks and one injection of fentanyl into Ashley's left inner elbow were made by the killer within a half-hour of the murder.
    • The killer obviously wasn't able to find a vein right away.
    • Was this an attempt to make Ashley appear as a druggie while she was still alive?
  • Ashley was struck from behind with a hard object, causing unconsciousness/disorientation but no bleeding, and then she was strangled with enough force to break the bone above her larynx.

Bar Towel

  • This was club "swag" given to Frannie by Larry, the front desk guy at the Copper Cliffs Country Club.

Comment Cards

  • Did Judith Richards cause issues in Mimosa Yoga since another member felt he had to make a complaint about "certain people disrupting the whole class"?

Country Club Pamphlet

  • This provides us with a map of the country club.
  • There are handwritten remarks in the same penmanship as on the reservation schedule.

Frannie's Letter

  • I really hope these handwritten additions don't continue throughout the entire season.
    • I don't know about anyone else, but they are very distracting and make reading the letters difficult.

High Fences Screenshots

  • Committee members are:
    • YTD257
    • MAZ481 (Judith Richards)
    • AJU425
    • KIR861
    • RAH395
    • PFN141
  • Judith Richards didn't respond to the thread until almost 4 hours after the last comment...
  • A red sweatshirt was left in the men's lounge of the country club.
  • TFC was witnessed drinking a lot the night of Ashley's murder before getting in his car and driving off.
  • One poster mentions Cross buying drinks for everyone. He also mentions mocktails and Shirley Temples.
    • Does this mean that Harold Richards drinks Shirley Temples?
  • TFC was supposed to meet up for an afterparty, but he never showed.

Police Report

  • Ashley's lap was soaked in urine...
    • Did she piss herself after death or during?
  • The syringe that was used to inject the fentanyl was left on Ashley's lap.
  • The fentanyl had not traveled to her bloodstream because the tourniquet above her elbow had not been untied.


  • Using a comment on the High Fences thread, we can deduce that TFC is Member VPG017 and Harold Richards is BZH224.

Reggie's Note

  • Reggie explains that the items she sent to Frannie were given to her by Ashley the day she was murdered.

Reservation Schedule

  • Harold Richards had a tennis court reserved for 7:00 PM but he must have canceled it since his ID number is crossed out.

Shot Glass

  • This was club "swag" given to Frannie by Larry, the front desk guy at the Copper Cliffs Country Club.

TFC Event Flyer

  • Someone made this into a protest invitation instead.
  • On the back is a list of important IDs:
    • VPG017 (Thomas Ford Cross)
    • POM659 - guest (Sebastian Dyer)
    • UIR173 - guest (Kim Barton)
    • BZH224 (Harold Richards)
    • HTW872 - guest ← Mfxjt by 1 (Lewis Vanzetti)
    • MAZ481 (Judith Richards)
  • "Mfxjt by 1" indicates a shift cipher.
    • Shifting each letter backward by 1 gives us: "Lewis".

Witness Statements

  • Prior to Ashley's death, Reggie witnessed an altercation between Ashley and Judith Richards outside the country club.

Work Orders Log

  • Member UIR173-gst (Kim Barton) made an absurd amount of requests. So much so that staff was advised to deny her tickets.


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  • Harold Richards
  • Judith Richards
  • Kim Barton
  • Lewis Vanzetti
  • Sebastian Dyer
  • Thomas Ford Cross


4:40 PM

  • Approximate time of physical altercation between Ashley Mendoza and Judith Richards.

6:27 PM

  • Harold Richards was at The Canyon VIP Bar with a guest.

6:33 PM

  • Security broke up an argument between two guests (Sebastian Dyer) and Lewis Vanzetti) outside The Canyon.

6:59 PM

  • Harold Richards was at the Steakhouse Lodge Bar & Grill with a guest.

7:07 PM

  • Harold Richards took his two children off Club premises.

7:34 PM

  • Ashley left a message for Reggie that she would be home late.

7:38 PM

  • Thomas Ford Cross as at The Canyon VIP Bar.

7:45 PM - 8:15 PM

  • Time frame of Ashley Mendoza's death.Judith Richards in a meeting at the clubhouse.

9:00 PM

  • Reggie left the country club protest after cleaning up.

9:01 PM

  • Judith Richards responded to a thread on High Fences.


Who is innocent?

  • Judith Richards