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Physical Items

Ashley's Notebook

  • These are Ashley's notes on her private investigation into the two candidates.
  • Ashley visited the library to use the microfiche machine.
  • Near the back, we get some ideas of what types of ciphers we may encounter.

Ashley's Obituary

  • Can they use the word "sibling" any more times?!
    • Just say "brother" or "sister" already, god.

Frannie's Letter

  • What's with all the handwritten notations...?
  • From this letter, we can start building a list of suspects and well as find out our objective for this episode.

Harold Bobblehead

  • This is a copper-colored bobblehead. It comes with a little base.
    • The inscription on the base reads: "Strong New Leadership, Unwavering Values".
  • As with a lot of products, it was made in China.

Harold Brochure

  • Harry's brochure opens up into a poster.
  • Unlike Thomas's campaign, Harry mainly focuses on getting Thomas out of office, not what he will actually do if he gained the position.

Harold Button

  • This is a simple button campaigning for Harold's vote.

Magazine Spread

  • This article was written by the victim, Ashley.
  • Even the voter base thought both men were incompetent to hold office.

Password Tips

  • These are basic tips for creating a password, but are also meant to help us crack Judith's email password.

Restraining Order

  • Wow, Ashley had to get a restraining order again Harold's wife, of all people!

TFC Brochure

  • This is a brochure for the standing mayor, hoping for re-election.

TFC Button

  • This is a simple button campaigning for Thomas's vote.

Town Map

  • Such weird street names...
  • This map tells us the locations of a lot of places, which may prove useful in the future.


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What is Judith's email password?

  • H@rr!3t&Jud31113

What is Judith's password to the evidence database?

  • BlytheBistro