Object 55

The Holder of Cruelty

In a location where dark omens gather and where death has cursed, call to the starless sky for counsel with "The Holder of Cruelty". Before the tainted earth which you stand will rise a black, ancient pedestal with a deep bowl carved into the crumbling skull mounted atop.

At this point, there is no return. The eyes of the decaying skull will glow with a color of blood, and in your head, a wicked yet hoarse voice will drone:

"Mors ultima linea rerum est"

Blackening until the night defeated, in that bowl must you gather the beating hearts of the ones you hold dearest to you. Should the hearts cease to beat, you will Blacken. Should you fail the request, you will Blacken. Should suicide become the final escape, you will Blacken.

With the fresh, organic beating hearts gathered in the dark bowl, the Blackening will cease. As the hearts liquefy, a deep, impenetrable black forms. The voices of those offered will speak to you in an unfamiliar tongue. Though incomprehensible, do not fall prey to the command of the deceiving ones.

Instead, gather the corpses of five of your most hated enemies, and bring them to the pedestal. Down their throats must the tainted fluid pour. Not a drop must reach the soil of Earth. The five corpses will reanimate, rising as wicked puppets hailing to their cursed master, shapeshifting to twisted Blackened beings.

To Them you must feed five young, living children. Remorse of the slightest will not be tolerated in Their eyes. As the fresh blood of the children is drunk from their coursing veins, you must watch through the agony, screams, tears, and fear as they are devoured nearly whole. They will endure the pain of a century of torture as they are consumed.

When the ordeal has ended, They will surround you. They demand only one more relic: your own heart. Be hasteful - They do not feel pain as mortals do. As the unholy offering passes hands, it too will be consumed. The meal finished, the figures will merge and dissipate in a brilliant black aura, eclipsing the dark sky.

The silent whispers that consume your mind form Object 55 of 2538. When all has Blackened, they will guide you to Him.