Object 52

The Holder of Disgust

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls himself "The Holder of Disgust". The worker's face will turn a bit green and he will excuse himself and then walk to the nearest toilet. A female warden will appear beside you and ask you to follow her. Obey her, for now.

She will lead you to a simple door with a number on it; you might remember it from somewhere else. Almost as if you've been here a long time ago. I will not tell you what the number on the door will be, but if it not the right one, your fate will be one of eternal pain and nausea. Should the number be the right one, you will find yourself in a room that looks much like a person's stomach. You will see food being digested, wandering into the lower tracts of the digestive cycle. It will look much more horrible than you've ever imagined.

Simply wait until you see a door falling into the room, then enter it. If you cannot enter it then you will slowly be digested, just like everything else in here.

Should you have managed to enter the door, you will find yourself in a room with pure, white walls. Those are one of the few things that do not drive this Holder mad. You are not one of those things, however, so be prepared to run as fast as you can if necessary. Approach the girl in the middle of the room and ask her: "What do you consider pure?" She will stare at you and open her mouth, trying to speak. But she will be unable to, and instead, vomit onto the floor. Close your eyes for as long as you hear her emptying her stomach.

When you no longer hear anything, open your eyes again and walk to where the girl was. Take the pills at your feet.

These pills are Object 52 of 2538. Eating one will cause you to vanish as the girl did.