Object 510

The Holder of Alliances

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When inside, go to the person at the counter and ask him to see the one who calls himself "The Holder of Alliances". The first time you ask, he will smirk and go into the door behind him. Do NOT follow him, do NOT leave. Remain in your position until he returns. When he does, he will have in his hands a small piece of paper. Take it from him and he will then lead you to a door you did not see originally. He will open it, lead you in, pat you on the back, and wish luck upon your unfortunate soul.

After the man closes the door, start down the hallway. It will be very dark and only the light from the door ahead of you will slightly illuminate the hall. It will seem only a few yards away, but will take EXACTLY an hour of constant walking. If you stop, even for an instant, wish that they will give you a quick, painless death. When you reach the door, walk inside to reveal a vast room with brilliant light surrounding you. A feeling of peace will overcome you, then the room will go black and you must feel your way through the room until you feel a doorknob. DO NOT TURN THE KNOB! It will unleash the beasts held within. Instead, knock exactly four times. Then, the door will open and you will see a man standing surrounded by the corpses of people you will seem to know.

Slowly, he will walk toward you. If he runs toward you, turn and run the other way, for you are not the one for this particular Object. If you are lucky enough for him to walk to you, look only at his legs until he puts his hand on your shoulder. Then your body will force you to look into his eyes. You will receive visions of all of the wars that have happened and that will ever happen. If your heart and sanity can live through this hell, you will then ask him, "Do they cause war?"

He will then tell you stories of the wars of how the world was before now. He then will tell you something in a strange tongue that you will understand, but not know the full meaning. He will then lead you to a door. Inside will be a pedestal with a treaty and a quill. Sign the treaty, take it, and roll it up. Walk through the door you entered from and you will find yourself in the mental institution or halfway house you started this journey in. Go home, and never, ever open the treaty.

This is Object 510 of 2538. With it, you will know other Seekers, but they will also know of you. Watch your back.