Object 508

The Holder of Gum

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls herself "The Holder of Gum". The Holder will smack her lips loudly and run away. Follow her no matter what: if you lose track of her, all hope for you is lost. After what feels like countless hours of chasing after her, she will stop at the entrance of a cave. She will point at you, chuckle grimly, and disappear.

The cave will be completely dark and silent. Making any sudden sound at the wrong time would be an unfortunate and regretful mistake. You suddenly will notice luminous sprites in the cave getting brighter and brighter as you make your way down toward the heart of the cave, soon you will be blinded by their brilliance. Have in mind that as long as the sprites are on you are safe, but if the sprites become too dim then you are doomed and have no choice to quickly shout out "No! You mustn't! I want to go on!" while backing away. If the sprites don't illuminate, sprint for the entrance you came in through. Hopefully, you can remember where the entrance is, and hopefully the... ogres don't kill you. If they do, you're damned to eternal damnation in hell no matter how pure you are.

If the sprites come back on, continue walking down the cave. At the end of the cave, you will see a fireplace; the Holder will be by the fire and welcome you to sit down. She then stares at you deeply with swampy wretched eyes and you notice that her entire body is lubricating itself with a slimy substance. The Holder disappears and a repugnant, horrific creature with its insides on the outside approaches you and will lunge at you. If it touches you, even if it happens quickly, you will be paralyzed. The creature will then slowly torture you by slowly taking out your organs and making you chew on them, somehow keeping you alive and making you suffer and asking for mercy. Before the creature touches you, say, "What can I do to reassemble them?"

If said correctly, the creature will slowly seep into the flames and melt away, and it will murmur one of two simple words. If "tragedy" is the word you hear, then consider yourself doomed, for the chances of your death will increase tenfold with every new Object that you attain - but you will be allowed to leave. If "worthy" is what you hear, consider yourself honored, for you are now the new Holder, and as soon as the words leave the creature's mouth, you will feel your body slowly dissolving into a pile of mush...

You are Object 508 of 2538 - the curse that sticks the Objects together in its gooey embrace. For your willingness, you are now helpless to stop the End.