Object 504

The Holder of Radiation

In any city, in any country, go to any cancer center you can get yourself to. Go to the front desk and ask to speak to "The Holder of Radiation". If the worker grimaces and asks, "Are you sure you want to meet with her?" you have two options; if you answer "no", then you are free to leave, but for your sake, you ought to never seek a Holder again, because they can now sense your electromagnetic field, and you will be hunted down the instant you ask for another Holder. If you answer "yes", then the worker will escort you personally to a room marked "Authorized Personnel Only", then return to the front desk.

Close your eyes very tight; if you were to keep your eyes open, the instant the worker opened the door, you would have gone completely blind from the bright light that permeates the room. Through your closed eyelids, you will notice the light. When you walk into the room, you will feel a tingle all over your body, consisting of powerful radioactive waves. Don't linger too long, but quickly grope your way forward until you come to another door at the back of the room.

This room will be completely dark, in total contrast to the light of the previous room. You will also notice the tingle is no longer there. Do not worry about being able to see anything. Instead, ask the darkness, "How do they sense each other's presence?"

If the room starts to turn red, close your eyes and run the other way; do not worry about knocking anything over in the previous light room, but flee as far as you can from the building. The red demons will seek you out and brutalize you beyond anything you have ever known if you stay too long. However, if the room turns blue, you will be able to make out the source of the glow; a beautiful young woman, holding a small cube in her hands the size of a child's letter block. She will tell you about how they react to each other, and what it means when they meet their kin. Pay close attention, because she includes the secret of protecting oneself from gamma radiation, which is something you'll desperately need in the weeks to come, and it consists of much more than just wearing a lead vest.

Finally, she will hand over her glowing cube and fade into the darkness. I advise you to have something to wrap the cube in, because touching it with your bare hands is a very bad idea due to the powerful gamma radiation it is constantly giving off.

The cube is Object 504 of 2538. Handle it with great care.