Object 502

The Holder of Uncertainty


Tick tock tick tock...

Click clock click clock...

Ding! Ding!

You want it? I bet you do, I bet you do... It's just too bad that you won't be getting it. Never, never. They gave it to me, and I'm keeping it.

It's mine. It's always been mine, and it won't stop being mine. Don't you get it? You'll never take it from me. I'm not telling you how! Mine, mine, all mine forever!

And that means you're stuck! No clue where to go, who to ask when you need to see me, or what to do when you see me. You can't do it without someone spilling it all out for you, can you? Heck, if you saw me, I bet you wouldn't even know it!

You've lost. All the time you spent was worthless, because now you're blind, and there's nothing that can help you. Wanna try anyways? It's kinda like playing chess with no pieces! Or any clue how the other pieces are moving...

I'm coming to find you. I know who you are, you and your pathetic Seeker friends. Don't bother trying to find me before I find you. You can try running away if you want, but it won't help. Well, I mean, in the long run, it wouldn't. Actually, you could just hide out in another realm, if you understand what I mean.

But I don't suggest it.

Besides, it's not like you know what I want. I've already got what I want! You don't, though. It's the funniest part of all this; you'll never get what you want.

What you want is Object 502 of 2538. Are you certain you want it?