Object 490

The Holder of Love

In any city, in any country, go to any hospital and ask to visit "The Holder of Love". Prepare yourself to be destroyed completely and utterly.

None have returned from their quest for this Object, or if they have, they are no longer truly "living". They are husks, gone from their bodies completely and utterly, leaving mad messages strewn across the walls of their new home, their ruined bodies sickening to behold.

The things that I call "survivors" no longer have the will to live, and yet no longer have strength enough to end their lives. They have descended to a place of nightmares and horror, a place of hate and despair. A place where their desires become torments and their despair becomes home. This place is filled with denizens more horrid and unimaginable than the Objects themselves, beasts and monstrous beyond words which will rend you apart in a thousand ways before they end your life. This is the place this Holder calls home, the worst Holder; the worst in all the Hells.

They have set forth on the path of an Object; a dark "protection" both divine and demonic. It may steel you from the horrors of your quest, and you may believe it spells your salvation, but know what I know: that you are damned if you seek this, damned beyond any of the Holders you have heard of or shall hear of.

But, if you believe you can strive forward and defeat the trials and horrors this fell Guardian has to offer then I hope you finally taste the rewards of your quest, for you are greater than the greatest and a god among the insects of Holders.

The dark reward you seek is Object 490 of 2538. It longs for the company of the rest.