Object 487

The Holder of Acceptance

In any city, in any country, go to a private doctor's office. Walk up to the receptionist and ask her if there is an appointment for "The Holder of Acceptance". If she says there isn't or doesn't understand what you are talking about, leave and try again the next day. If she turns around and starts muttering to herself, sit down in a chair and wait. Do not bother to listen to the muttering, for it consists of the thoughts of the mad and would make no sense to your ears.

After some time, it could be seconds or it could be hours, the receptionist will call for the Holder. You will see an elderly woman dressed in black that you didn't notice before stand and walk toward the back. Follow her, and do not look at anyone's face unless you wish to fall into madness as you bear witness to every atrocity ever committed by humans in their eyes.

As you follow the elderly lady, she will open a door and walk inside. After she closes that door, open the door across the hall. You should see a room with green tiled walls and an operating table. If the table is empty, you are safe for now. But if you see a body lying there, turn away and walk slowly out of the office without showing fear. If you stay, run, or show your anxiety in any way, you will be ripped to pieces by the person you found lying there.

Lie down on the table and you will see the elderly woman enter the room from the door you came in. As she restrains you to the table, ask her, "What is the consequence of denial?" She will then tell you of every time someone's denial of fact led to consequences in the past, present, and future. Then, she will ask, "Are you ready to accept your role as a Seeker?" Tell her no, and you will awaken to the moment before you learned of the Holders with no memory of any events related to them. Tell her yes, and she will proceed to cut open your stomach. Despite any pain you feel, do not scream or you will be subject to this pain for all eternity.

The woman will reach into your body and pull out a contract with your signature on it. After handing it to you, she will disappear and you will find yourself in front of that doctor's office, one hand on the door and the contract in the other. Never enter this office again.

This contract is Object 487 of 2538. Sometimes one must accept their fate.