Object 470

The Holder of Carelessness

This man doesn't even know he is a Holder, and I see no reason for him to perceive it that way, especially since he'll just dismiss it as fantastical conjecture and mad raving. It's rather ironic considering the meth mark on his arm that he once showed me. It could be anyone; someone you know, someone you don't know, me, hell, it could even be you. He does have a name, but I would rather not reveal it here and now. Perhaps when it comes time for his reckoning I will reveal it, but knowing him, he's probably sold the Object for meth money, given his general lack of care.

The cassette player I let him borrow wasn't originally an Object; it was just a personal cassette player with auto-reverse. Whether he knows it or not (and indeed, whether he wants to accept it or not) through his stubborn carelessness, he has made a pact with the only Object by refusing to return it. Seek it out if you wish, but since it represents carelessness, it will have those effects on you, and you'll only make it worse for yourself, since it now wants to be reunited with the others.

The cassette that was last in the player seems to be an innocent bystander; it's part of a taped training course that taught me how to protect myself from this kind of thing, since its effects on the spiritual realm within can be easily measured by those who can sense it.

I'll admit, this was inspired by something of a mutual grudge. He used to be a good friend of mine until he became the Holder, pushing me and several of his real friends away in favor of his sex life, which is an aspect that I won't get into, other than to say that it is most careless indeed, because he could have had a set of real friends and a wonderful boyfriend. He's done this before, too, and it has always resulted in similar loss for him, but he's too careless to see it that way.

It became clear to me that I was speaking to the meth and crack he sucked up instead of the person; they all end up like that, whether they believe it or not.

The cassette player is Object 470 of 2538. Through its Holder's carelessness, they will be brought together, and not even the most careful actions will prevent it.