Object 467

The Holder of Doubt

You don't want to find me, Seeker.

Deny it as you will, but you're just like all the rest. You act like you're brave and strong, play the charade of the heartless hardass who'll sacrifice everything ever created in order to reunite them. Yet I can see past this paper-thin fa├žade of yours. Deep down, you want it all to end; if you could just stop everything now and resume your life as it once was, peaceful and oblivious to the dire machinations you've since witnessed with your own eyes, you'd do it in the blink of an eye. That's what you already know.

What you should know is that it's impossible to go back.

Sure, other Holders may try to convince you that they can erase your memories, can make you believe you've never even heard of the Objects or the Holders. Yet their "magic" (if it can so be called) is incomplete. You see, from the very moment you obtain your first Object, they become a part of you, as vital and inseparable as your heart or lungs. While those other Holders can indeed wipe your mind of thoughts of the Objects, they cannot remove that inexplicable something that enters your innermost core. Thus, despite your newfound amnesia, you'll still be left with a sort of calling, and (you can rest assured of this) that calling will invariably lead you back to the Objects. Once you are in their grasp, you can never free yourself.

Now that we've established that, provided you've gained at least one Object up to this point, I will appear when you want to see me the least. There's no knowing what I'll look like (after all, I, like any other living creature, enjoy a little variety in my life), but you'll know I'm around when your breath becomes shallow and your heartbeat slows down. You see, just merely being in my presence will cause your body to doubt its right to live.

Whether or not that right exists depends on you, Seeker, for I will be scanning you. I will search for any doubt you've ever felt throughout your lifetime, and if I find even the slightest sliver... well, let's not go into too much detail; suffice it to say, your body won't want to live anymore.

What I hold, a stone sculpture of a human heart, is Object 467 of 2538.

To date, none I have encountered have had no doubts.

Will you be the first?