Object 464

The Holder of Pareidolia

Find an abandoned building as large and isolated from other people as possible. Memorize the poem "Antigonish" by Hughes Mearns. Walk in calmly and head to the darkest section. Do not use any light to guide your way.

Once there, position yourself in the middle of the darkness and do not move. Gradually, all noises will fade, and you will only hear your breath with an echo. After a minute or so, recite the poem as if to a large crowd; clearly and loudly. If done correctly, you'll meet a man who isn't there.

He will stand there staring at you. Ask this and only this: "Can you hide when they come together?" He will then proceed to answer by narrating all the stories of those who have hidden and been caught. If you've come to understand the truths he has spoken, smile at him and he should smile back slightly. Do not smile falsely, he will know, and you will become a man who isn't there.

If all is well, he will approach you and take out his hand. Shake his hand warmly and honestly as if greeting an old friend. If you do not shake his hand, or hesitate, or shake it impatiently, he will seemingly walk away. However, the man will never, ever go away and you will find yourself seeing him everywhere.

If everything is all right, he will give his overcoat and disappear. Whoever wears that coat will be able to see things that aren't there. The coat is insight into the hidden world. The hidden doors and hallways initially guarding the Holders are able to be seen, thereby giving you a slight warning of what lies ahead.

Bear in mind that you still need to take the usual steps to enter them. Beyond these passageways, however, the coat is ineffective, because the things you will experience are really there. The weaker horrors you may face may be slightly confused and hesitant to fall upon you, though they can see you perfectly well. While wearing the coat, you will disappear from the detection of normal people. Only the insane will claim to sense you.

The overcoat is Object 464 of 2538. You can never hide from them.