Object 459

The Holder of Shamanism

Go into any forest in the world that is far away from any signs of human life. While in this forest, find a spot where the sunlight peeks through the trees. Look toward the light and speak, "Why must we destroy something so beautiful?" After speaking these words, quickly close your eyes. For if you fail to do so, you will be blinded and the limbs from the trees will reach down and consume you, taking you to a hellish nightmare that you will relive over and over.

If you close your eyes in time, the sun will pass judgment on you. If you are worthy, then the wind will blow, carrying you to a field filled with flowers and surrounded by trees. Do not be distracted by the smell of the flowers or the beautiful colors. Instead, look forward into the shade created by the trees. While staring, you will see a large Indian male walking from the shadows. In his hand will be a tomahawk. His body will be covered in various tattoos. Stare into his eyes and do not blink, blinking will cause his tomahawk to flee from his grasp and to your skull and your body will be no more. All that will be left of you is a cloven skull.

If you do not blink and he sees favor in you, he will move his left hand outward to you. In it will be a crimson red, old, and beat-up bandana. Take it from his hand, hold it close to your heart. Close your eyes and look down to the ground. In front of you will be one of the flowers. Move the bandana to the flowers and speak, "Replenish what is beautiful." After these words have left your lips, the bandana will turn into small white particles of light and will then fall on the flower. A gust of wind will move through the area and you will wake up in your bed in a place you call home with a new crimson red bandana.

This is Object 459 of 2538. Use it wisely.