Object 458

The Holder of the Dragon

In any mountain range, within any tundra, go to any cave that has a mouth big enough for a house to fit through. When you reach the entrance, do not immediately step inside. Instead, ask for, with a respectful tone, "The Holder of the Dragon". If the mountain begins to shake, enter before the snow can sweep you down the mountain. If nothing happens, come back later.

Once you have entered safely, you will see the cave is littered with the bones of many Seekers that failed this test. Your only light being the torches that line the wall of the cave, walk cautiously until you reach a large chamber with a pool of water in the center. Upon inspection, you will see an egg in the middle of the pool. It will tempt you, but do not venture into the pool or whatever the egg harbors will hatch and devour you.

Wait quietly, standing as still as you can, until you hear a loud explosion that causes the cave to shake but do not move from where you stand. A large, beautiful black dragon will enter from a tunnel on the other side of the chamber. Do not speak, allow the dragon to analyze you. If it approves of you, it will simply relax its muscles and sit by the pool. If it does not, it will open its mouth and blue fire will flow from it. The fire will not burn your skin but you will believe it does and will run to the pool in a hopeless attempt to put it out, going mad as the creature in the egg hatches to devour you alive.

After it sits, ask while looking into its eyes," Are you the one that keeps the dragon?" The dragon will then morph into a handsome young man with jet black hair. He will proceed to answer your question with perfect detail, in an accent you do not recognize. Once he has finished speaking, he will then ask you, "Why do you look for her?" Do not answer. Instead, enter the pool and tap the egg. The egg will then light with blue fire and if you lose consciousness then you have succeeded. If the fire continues to make you mad, you will have failed the test and die in the chamber.

Once you regain consciousness, you will see a young, white lizard with wings protruding from its back. It will follow you until it can eat your hollow carcass.

This young dragon is Object 458 of 2538. Only your death will allow her to grow.