Object 445

The Holder of Summons

There is no Holder for the Object of Summons. It is a cruel Object that forces its master to summon a shade of Him. This shade will completely destroy any that fall to the Object's will, and so it may only be held by one who refuses it.

It has a mind of its own, and delights in bringing death to those who resist it even for a moment. It is in the form of a horn that, when blown, will resound through reality and call to Him. Each shade is one that has fallen to Him, and each that is killed shall join His legions. This horn, made from human bone, is the thing that will call to him.

There's a group out there that wants to call him. They want this horn, this Object of Summons. They want Him to break this world.

I disagree.

I hope to protect this item, perhaps destroy it. While He can return without it, He will not be complete. If He could have it, He could bring forth his forces all at once. I cannot stop Him, but I can slow Him.

I have others, as well. Glasses, a scalp, some scissors, the scales, and a straightjacket. They aren't much use, but they will aid me. However, they want some of these. Badly. They'll hunt me, and will call on Them to find me.

Those I've encountered have given me a name. They call me Anubis, for my use of the scales.

So be it. Until the time when this mad race finally ends, I shall be known as Anubis to my enemies. And I will serve as the Holder of Summons until either I or my enemy is dead.

This accursed horn, Object 445 of 2538. Let no air pass through it, for it will speak to Him.