Object 441

The Holder of Tranquility

In any city, in any country, go to any coin fountain you can find. Drop in thirteen coins of any kind, and say aloud, "I wish to meet the Holder of Tranquility".

You will suddenly find yourself in the middle of an open meadow, filled with many wildflowers and butterflies. Do not harm a single flower. Do not disturb a single butterfly. To even do them the smallest amount of harm will damn your soul to unimaginable torment.

Sit until the sun sets. Do not move. Do not speak. When the sun finally touches the horizon, you may walk toward it in the purple-streaked sky. Do not deviate from that path, or you will wander the meadow forever, seeking escape that never comes.

Finally, you will reach a gazebo. Seated inside is a beautiful woman wearing a white wedding dress, gently stroking a harp. When you approach her, she will look at you with her lovely deep blue eyes. Stare into them and smile, and she will ask, "What is the key to inner peace?"

Never wandering from her gaze, answer, "Tranquility comes from the heart." Any other answer will doom you to the beasts that watch from the taller grasses.

When she hears the correct answer, she will begin to writhe in agony. Blood will seep from her eyes, nose, and mouth. Eventually, she will rip open her dress, and her heart will burst from her chest. Then, the meadow will go dark and you will see your reflection in the fountain, change in your pocket, and a still-beating heart in hand.

Her heart is Object 441 of 2538. It beats to your own heart's rhythm.