Object 428

The Holder of Holes

In any city, in any country, go to any graveyard you can get yourself to at midnight. Look for a gravedigger digging a fresh grave. Ask to visit the grave of someone who calls themselves "The Holder of Holes". If they should begin to laugh, say nothing as they step out of the grave and walk off.

As soon as you cannot hear the laughter anymore, close your eyes, hold your breath, and jump into the grave. If you should hit the ground, make amends to your personal god because the grave is about to seal itself with you in it. If you should hit water, stay under, or else the other beings in the water will rip into you with their fingers. Instead, keep swimming down, until you pass through a narrow gap. Once you pull yourself through, you'll be out of the water.

Under no circumstances should you look back the way you came.

Once out of the water, you will see a man sitting in a circle of light with no shirt on, his ribs sticking out of his skin, holding a necklace. The man will keep scratching at his arms until they bleed. He will not respond unless you ask, "Why can't we go back?"

He will stop and look at you with a smile, as his eyes melt away to reveal teeth lining the sockets - lock your gaze to his, and do not look away no matter what. As his gaze tears into yours, he will tell you why you can't go back, of all the bridges that have been burnt, all the lines crossed, all the chances for forgiveness dashed to pieces by Seekers lusting after an end they didn't understand. You will come to realize just how many similar atrocities you have committed, but do not turn down your head or even blink in shame - you've met the Holder's gaze, and there is no turning back. Say nothing until he is finished, then thank the man and quickly dive into the water before he has a chance to stop you.

You will wake up in the graveyard at dawn, lying in the grave you jumped into. Around your neck will be the necklace worn by the man. You must never take it off, or you will become its Holder.

The necklace is Object 428 of 2538. There is no going back.