Object 414

The Holder of Commitment

Beware, Seeker, for I am the Holder of Commitment. Quest for me if your desire is to reunite all 2538 Objects and then only if you are willing to dedicate everything you are to your quest.

If you insist on seeking me, find the graveyard of your ancestors. In it, you will find a single open grave. Climb into it and wait. After a time, a gravedigger will come. His coal-black eyes will burn with longing as he glares down at you. Then, you should crawl out of the grave.

The moment you have both feet on the ground again, seize the shovel the gravedigger carries with him. The ground will begin shaking and from the other graves, people will rise. They will lay upon the upturned earth as though asleep; their faces all frozen with the same small smile, as of fond remembrance. If you examine the bodies, you will realize that they are the people you hold most dear.

At this point, steel your resolve and raise the shovel. Use it to mutilate the living bodies of those whom you love. Watch as their smiling faces turn white in surprised horror. As you do this, your memories of them will fade; all the feelings they roused, every joy, every laugh, every curse, every sorrow will fade away like smoke on the wind. Soon, save a few, only your memories of the quest will occupy your mind. After what seems like an eternity, you will come upon two funeral biers. On one bier, you will find yourself, an expression of pure joy upon your face. On the other, you will find an identical expression on the face of your true love, whoever they may be.

Here, Seeker, is where I failed in my quest and became the Holder of Commitment. I raised my shovel to strike down my beloved and hesitated. Summoning all of my strength, I raised the shovel but could not bring myself to harm her. The gravedigger immediately wrenched the shovel from my grasp and laughed. The earth opened up and hellfire consumed the bodies of both my beloved and me. When it was all done, the grave-keeper handed me back the shovel and left the graveyard, whistling merrily.

If you succeed where I failed, Seeker, you must do one final thing before you claim the Object I hold. Take the shovel, drenched in the blood and gore of everyone who ever meant anything to you, and ram it into my chest. I beg of you, do it! Do it and end my suffering!

The shovel will remain stained with the blood of the slain. A constant, bitter reminder of all you have lost to come this far.

The shovel is Object 414 of 2538. Only through single-minded dedication will you ever succeed.