Object 402

The Holder of Lost Hope

The following was written on a bloody note found in a public bathroom.

"My name is Zachary, and I am a Seeker. I don't have much time, they are after me. I made just one TINY mistake, and now they are after me. I am dedicating my last few breaths to make sure that nobody else meets my fate. At least no one that's stupid enough to try to seek out Lost Hope.

I went to a homeless man and asked him if he knew anyone named 'The Holder of Lost Hope'. It doesn't have to be a homeless person, it could be anyone who has, y'know, 'lost all hope', like someone on the verge of suicide or something. Anyway, the guy nodded and pointed to a door behind him.

The door opened into a grand city. At least it was at one time a grand city; it is now a wasteland. I don't know what happened to it or its inhabitants, but I don't think it was very pretty. The city was a bit of a maze (as all cities are) and it would be unwise to go there without knowing where to go. I had found directions in an unmarked book. I don't have the time to give them to you, so you'll have to find the book on your own.

Eventually, the directions led me to an apartment building. I went in and headed straight for room 402, I knew better than to go into any other room.

In the room was an old man sitting at a desk writing on a piece of paper. I'm willing to bed that the pen he was writing with was the 402nd Object, but I'm not entirely sure. He looked and sounded kind and gentle, so I let my guard down.

Unlike the other Holders, this man will actually talk to you, and I spent a good while having a pleasant conversation with him (this was NOT my mistake, if that's what you're thinking). After about an hour, I asked the question I'd gone there to ask; 'Is there any hope?'

The man's answer would have driven most people mad. Hell, I almost wish that it had driven ME mad, because that would mean that the things chasing me aren't real.

It was when he finished that I made my fatal mistake. Whatever you do, under no circumstances, should you ev-"

No body was found.