Object 395

The Holder of Satisfaction

The Seeker of Holders is the only one who will manage to accomplish this task. If this is you, then proceed if you dare.

In any city, in any country, dapper yourself up to the nines and go to any upscale restaurant you can get yourself to. If you have to make a reservation, do so. A fast-food joint simply will not do for this quest; the Holder is the most particular creature there ever was, is, or will be.

When you arrive, ask the maître d' if "The Holder of Satisfaction" is eating here. It does not matter if it's a man or woman maître d', nor does it matter if the Holder is taking on a male or female form. All that is important for this is that the guardian addresses you by your name in response; if they do not, then move on to another restaurant.

There may or may not be several others sharing a meal with the Holder, but whatever the case, the guardian will mention you, by name, to the Holder.

Whatever form the Holder takes, he, or she, will stop everything they're doing and look you right in the eye. Their expression will be deliberately unreadable; you will not be able to tell if they are angry, pleased, sad, or simply confused that you are here. No matter how long you are stared down, do not look away. Even if you blink, you're taking a risk far greater than simply seeking Holders.

If the Holder's eventual reaction is anything other than a deep, hearty laugh, you will have to kill it, right then and there, force the wig off its head, and escape the restaurant. Consider yourself extremely lucky if the Holder laughs and hands you the wig; it is known for its vanity.

The wig is Object 395 of 2538. There has to be a finishing touch.