Object 388

The Holder of Bliss

In your own house, in your own city, secure all doors, windows, and points of entry/exit. Remove all mirrors and objects of the same theme from the entire house. Begin to circle the house, following the outside wall. Should you come across a spot of intense heat, leave. Don't bother going inside to get your possessions, they're lost now. However, should you find a cold spot, feel free to proceed back inside.

Say aloud, "I wish to see the Holder of Bliss." Speak clearly, with confidence. If you hear no audible reply, return everything to how it was before you started, you've failed. The Holder of Bliss isn't much of a threat to anyone, but I wouldn't recommend trying again. Should you hear "I am the one you seek," then yell at the top of your lungs: "Then show me the path!"

You will immediately feel a strange sensation.

"...the cold wash of anesthesia hit me it swept over me, a wave that started at the tip of my nose, rushing across my face to my head, running down my neck to my chest, crashing into a warm golden explosion in my stomach, my groin, a blessed sensation beyond the peak of orgasm and relief of nausea, as every muscle in my body relaxed and my head lolled gently on my shoulder, every sense unwinding, unburdened of the crushing weight of pain I never even knew that I had: the rush, the wave, death, heaven, completion. For hours and hours. The hit. Sensual ultimatum..."

You will awaken to find everything as it was the day before. Mirrors still hanging and house unscathed. Check all of your mirrors, as one will be broken, all the shards scattered in the area. Find the one shard that doesn't show your reflection. This is Object 388 of 2538. From this day forward, colors will seem less vivid, food will taste bland, and even the most beautiful piece of music will seem like a dull hum. May nothing ever feel the same again.