Object 382

The Holder of the White Moon

In any city, in any country, go to any church or place of worship you can get yourself to. Find the father/leader of the place of worship and ask him to see someone who calls herself "The Holder of the White Moon". Should a peaceful smile come across his face, you shall know you came to the right place. He will lead you to a door that you didn't notice before, the door is a thing of beauty carved from pure white moonstone with a crescent moon inlaid with silver carved on the front. You need to only push the door open to enter and it shall close behind you.

You will find yourself in the night sky no matter what time of day you entered the building and will find no ground below you; do not panic, lest you fall from the sky and into the pits of hell, proof that you were unworthy for this task. However, if you manage to keep your wits about you, you will begin to drift to a large white cloud. As you land on that cloud, you shall see the Holder, a beautiful creature who's a cross between an elf and an angel. Fall to your knees and bow your head to this holy creature, only those with a pure soul can approach her.

The Holder will smile at you, lay her hand upon your head, and speak to you.

"Let the trial begin."

Instantly, you will be put through your own personal hell, all your fears shall strike you at once, all your loved ones shall die horrible pain-filled deaths. However, you must remain strong through what happens. If your heart weakens at these sighs, all of them shall come true. If your heart does not falter, you will be brought back to reality. The Holder shall sit upon her throne. Do not get up or move, to do so would be a sign of disrespect. She will ask you one question.

"What can burn through the darkness of the blackest night?"

You must answer, "The light of the white moon."

If you fail to answer correctly, well, let's just say that you should throw yourself off the cloud before her sister can take hold of you. If you answer correctly, she will tell you to rise and she will clasp a necklace around you. The necklace's beads are pure white malachite with soft gray stripes. You will then fall asleep. You shall awake on the steps of the place you worship. You now have the power to wield the light of the moon, but you will weaken in the light of the sun.

This necklace is Object 382 of 2538. You are now the guardian of the white moon, beware its dark twin.