Object 381

The Holder of the Unknown

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, tell the receptionist that you intend to speak to "The Holder of the Unknown". The worker will take a deep breath, stand up, and guide you to the basement.

Despite being underground, the basement will be well-lit, as if there were windows open. If there is nobody there, flee or accept your death, for you have failed in your task and you are now being pursued by... well, let's not get into that. However, if there is a gray-haired old crone, you may ask her, "Why did they forget?"

She will proceed to bludgeon you with her cane. Endure the pain, for it's all you have left if you have chosen to visit this Holder. Do not be disturbed by the stinging, bleeding welts on your body that will form as she hits you. Finally, she will aim for your head to deliver a lethal blow; you must catch the cane in your hand before the blow lands and engage in a fierce tug-of-war, with the cane as the prize. Do not underestimate the woman's strength, because after all, she is a Holder. If you manage to take the cane, your task is not finished; you must kill the woman with her cane, swiftly and mercilessly. It will not be as easy as it looks; despite her age, the woman has uncanny stamina and cunning, and your only weapon is the cane, even if you brought along other Objects for use as weapons; she will see right through your attempts.

If you succeed, you will be allowed to leave, but do so quickly; you don't want to have to explain why one of the mental institution's patients is now dead by your hand.

The cane is Object 381 of 2538. Finding out why it isn't covered in blood is only the beginning.