Object 370

The Holder of Beauty

In any city, in any country, go to any open field you can. There should only be two people and two animals. Speak to both races that you seek the one known as "The Holder of Beauty". Both races will freeze and stare at you blankly should you be worthy. The world will twist. Pay no heed to this and stare at the sky calmly, lest you be devoured by the void.

Once all is calm yet again, look at the world to find yourself in a meadow. The meadow will be covered in simple petals. Avoid these at all costs! After all, beauty is changed by the mind. Walk toward the forest of trees covered with these petals and pray no winds blow. Should you make it to the edge of the woods, speak unto the trees that you wish to speak to the Holder of Beauty.

As soon as you speak these words, a woman as beautiful as anything you have seen will come toward you. You will notice that She is also covered in wounds and blood. Do not flinch at these. This is considered as an act of rudeness to She who is most beautiful and most deadly. If you are worthy, She will ask you the question, "Which is most beautiful but most deadly?" Answer properly: "Only Death can be Beauty." Upon saying this, a wind will blow and you will be consumed by petals. Look upon the petals with wonder in your eyes. A hard task for most.

When all is quiet once more, ask, "When have they shown?" You will be ignored while the woman plays with the petals. Wait for an absolute minimum of two minutes. Should you speak before then, you will be consumed by the horror that can only be described as beauty. When the time comes, ask again, louder by politely. She will look at you with a grin as terrible as the damned. She will tell you of the past, present, and future bloodshed in a voice filled with joy and wonder. Many Seekers have come this far expecting ease, do not be so foolish. Many minds crushed are now gazing at the sky into nothingness as if it were simply that beautiful inside the beautifully damned forest. If you make it through the horror, you will find a bench that was not there before. On it is a petal.

The petal will cut through those you hate but also on you and the ones most loved by you. This beauty is double-edged.

The petal is Object 370 of 2538. Beauty changes with the mind, is this good or bad?