Object 361

The Holder of Logic

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls himself "The Holder of Logic". The worker will ask why you wish to see him, and you must respond clearly and truthfully, lest a terrible fate befall you. The worker will ask you to follow her. Take note of how many steps she takes after she asks you to follow; you will need to know soon.

You will walk deep into the institute, down many stairs, and through many hallways. Do not lose count, it is the difference between two eternities. When she stops at a plain metal door, stop counting. If the number is 538, step up to the door and knock seven times. If the number is less than 538, turn around and take that many steps away from the door. The worker will then come back for you and take you safely away from the building, and when you leave you will not remember being there. If the number is greater than 538, then you are already unraveling. He does not see reason to let you continue.

After knocking, the door will open, and the worker will disappear. Inside will be a very well-lit room, painted on each side a different shade of gray. In the center of the room stands a humanoid shape, lacking only in a face, hair, and sex. The shape lacks any distinguishing features, but it is easy to see clearly. Do not look away from the creature, or the room will falter and so will everything sanity blesses you with. The creature will step forward and offer its hand. It will all make sense; he offers another tempting choice. Do not accept this gift, for then an uncanny wisdom will show you the error of your ways and destroy all you are, making you like the Holder. Say very clearly, "I do not wish this power, for it will chain me." The Holder will drop his hand.

It already knows the question, and as his hand drops, you will know the answer. Now, the hardest task; close your eyes and believe that you are standing where you were when you asked the worker to see the Holder. You must know for a fact that it is where you are standing, not in the gray room. If you do not have the willpower, existence will lose all meaning, and the room will be your identity.

Awake from reason, and leave a little smarter than when you came.

The answer is Object 361 of 2538. It is why you are.