Object 360

The Holder of Fury

In any city, in any country, go to the ruins of a building that has just burnt down. The embers should still be smoldering or smoking, and it must be at night. The best time for this would be under a full moon. You must take yourself to the highest point of the ruin and present one of the Objects. If you do, you should see a light, flickering as a flame would in the distance. Follow this flame quickly. You have precious few moments before it changes direction. If you are too slow, you will follow this flame for eternity, overwhelmed with anger at the small, fleeting light. If you can catch up to the light, however, it will reveal itself as a heavyset man with a lantern and archaic wrist irons. He will look infuriated and will ready himself to attack you. Before he strikes, you must ask a question: "What angers Them?"

If he lands a blow upon you, all is lost. You will be rewarded with a swift and painful death at his hands. However, if you are quick enough, he will calm himself. He will tell you of all the people in history who let anger drive them to tragedy for their own selfish gain. He will then begin singing and cast away his wrist irons as he walks into the distance. Do not follow him.

The wrist irons will grant furious anger to any who wear them, but they are impossible to control. One moment you may be calm, and the next you may be infuriated at an arbitrary target for little or no reason.

The irons are Object 360 of 2538. Do not let your anger consume you.