Object 338

The Holder of All That Ever Was But Is No Longer

In any city, in any country, find any person. Ask to visit someone who calls himself "The Holder of All That Ever Was But Is No Longer". The person will stare at you blankly, frozen in place. When you attempt to rouse the person, you will discover that you, too, are frozen. Then you will disappear.

In your place, you will sense every living thing that has ever died. You will sense every inanimate object that has ever been destroyed. And you will sense nothingness. But you will no longer sense yourself.

Finally, you will sense the presence of anachronism and nostalgia, crumbling away to despair with the futility of your attempts to regain your own past. The despair becomes palpable, as what is left of your mind will want to shape it into your greatest fear. You know this is a false form, but what is left of your mind is incapable of giving something so horrible any other. Do not allow the despair to take this form or you will never return to yourself.

Say nothing. This will be easy to accomplish, as you will have no means by which to speak; however, even an attempt will be enough to end your existence permanently. The despair will tell you to do something. Do the opposite.

You will return to the former scene, the person with whom you were talking looking confused. This person will have become Object 338 of 2538. Do not tolerate resistance.