Object 320

The Holder of the Law

In any city, in any country, go to any prison you can get yourself to. Go directly to the warden and ask to visit the one who calls himself "The Holder of the Law". The warden will give you a sad smile, as if to say, "Your poor soul." Then he will get up and lead you through a narrow hallway with prison cells on either side. Do not get too close to the cells, or the prisoners will devour your soul.

At first, the prisoners will look like normal humans, but the further down the hallway you go, the more monstrous they look, until they no longer resemble anything close to a human being.

Eventually, you will see an open cell door. Inside the cell, a prison guard will be mercilessly beating a handcuffed prisoner. As soon as you step into it, the guard will attack you in a murderous rage.

You must kill the guard before you may ask the prisoner one question, "What have you done to deserve this?" The prisoner will answer with a long, sad tale of murder and deceit. As he finishes his tale, it will become clear that he has learned his lesson. He will then ask to be set free. You may do as he asks; the man will not harm you.

Dig through the prison guard's pockets until you find a key. Use this key to unlock the prisoner's handcuffs. He will give you a heartfelt thanks and then leave.

As soon as you step back outside the cell, all of the cell doors that you have passed will open, releasing the monstrous prisoners inside them. Run as fast as you can toward the end of the hallway, and pray that they do not catch you. If you manage to escape, you will find yourself in the place that you call home.

The handcuffs are Object 320 of 2538. The law is now in your hands.