Object 317

The Holder of Legacy

In any city, in any country, go to any maternity ward you can get yourself to. Ask the receptionist if you may speak with "The Holder of Legacy". If her expression becomes one of joy, you have come to the right place. If instead, it is one of rage, flee or she will tear you apart.

If you were lucky, the receptionist will lead you down a hallway unlike that of a hospital; the wood-paneled walls are lined with portraits. Upon examination, you will realize these portraits are painted in the likeness of your ancestors, all of whom alternate between praising and insulting you. After a moment, they will cease their clamoring. Here, you must shout, "I hope I made you proud!" If they resume their tirade, you are safe to continue. If, however, the hallway remains silent, you will find yourself locked within a wooden frame alongside your family.

Follow the receptionist. You will come to an old wooden door at the end of the hallway. Your guide will open it and beckon you forward. Once you enter, the door will promptly slam shut and you will find yourself in your childhood home. Do not linger here. Demons stalk the shadows of the past, and they are not fond of Seekers. Return to your old bedroom and you will find it is now a large empty room, filled with the ghosts of your ancestors. You must be blessed by each of them. Some of their blessings will come freely, others must be earned.

If you fail even one task set before you, your quest for the Object will end and the ghosts will become demons the very sight of which will drive you mad. They will haunt you until the End of Days. If through some miracle you have succeeded, the ghosts will vanish and reveal your true love, holding an infant in his or her arms. Approach them and ask, "Who will seek them in my stead?" They will tell you about the child and detail a ritual you must perform. Hesitating for even a moment in its completion will cause both mate and child to tear your heart and soul from your body, leaving you to drift aimlessly for eternity. Once you have finished the atrocity as commanded, your mate will tell you to protect the child from Him no matter the cost. Proceed with your child back the way you came.

The child is Object 317 of 2538. If you fail, it will take your place.