Object 312

The Holder of Alms

In any city, in any country, go to the nearest poorhouse that you can get yourself to. Make sure that you bring the coin given to you by the Holder of Temptation. Once there, look for a man with no legs, but hair as bright red as a rose. Approach him and ask if you may see "The Holder of Alms". A look of terror will cross his face and he will quickly try to scuttle out the backdoor. Follow him into the deserted alley behind.

He will be seen darting down the narrow alley, and you should chase after him. He will move very fast for someone with no legs, and if you cannot keep up with him then the things that chase you both will devour you whole. The walls will begin to shift and bleed. They will grow more and more filth encrusted, and the brick and mortar will begin to chip. Soon another corner will be turned, and you will be confronted with a dead-end, the man you were chasing having disappeared.

However, lying amongst the detritus of the world there will be another poor man, a beggar of sorts. This beggar will be clothed in the tattered remnants of a monk's robe. From under his dirty cowl, a single red pricing eye will glow. Approach this man very carefully. If he holds out a hand with a chipped bowl, then you are safe. If he, instead, holds out a hand with an upraised palm, then dive back and run back to the inside of the poorhouse, then sprint for the front door, as demons are coming to claim your soul.

His dry voice will ask, "Alms for the poor?" At this point, you should ask in response, "Why are the Objects given away?" He will growl at you but then tell you of every other Seeker in the history of the Objects. He will tell you of each and every one's demise, of all current ones, and of their future demises as well. He will refuse to tell you anything about yourself, however.

When he is done with his story, you should drop the coin from the Holder of Temptation into his bowl. He will show you a wide toothless grin, and then hand you the entire bowl. After that, he will crawl back into his box and close the flaps. If you open the box, there will be no one inside.

The chipped bowl is Object 312 of 2538. There is no charity with the Objects, you must earn them.