Object 303

The Holder of Cthonic

If you are reading my instructions, then I have failed, but with you hope still remains. Follow my instructions and learn from my mistakes.

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution. Take a spare set of dull, boring clothes, a hat, and a gag of some sort, they will come in handy. Sneak past the guards and attendants and look for the brightest-lit cell. There, you will see a crouched, naked man happily scratching a fleshy picture of a descending staircase into his scalp. Tell him, in a comforting, motherly voice, "I am the one who seeks the Holder of the Chthonic." But be careful how you pronounce the words. Any deviation in your voice will send him into a blind rage, which no barrier can withstand.

If you have spoken correctly, the man will look you in the eye and slowly peel back his scalp, revealing an intricate map engraved into his skull. Without drawing attention to yourself, try to force open the cell door. If you can get in, comfort the man, cradle him in your arms, soothe him. You must remove this piece of skull, but keep him alive, only he knows the direct route to what you seek. The only way is to gently crack his skull on the floor while gagging him to muffle the screams. Be careful, but quick; the knocking will attract attention and a situation like this would be very difficult to explain.

If you have successfully removed the segment of skull, you must now dress him with the clothes you brought; for your sake, I hope the clothes fit. Keep him gagged, nobody is going to want to hear the garbled sounds of a man bleeding to death. Show the man the map, he will take you down to the basement. There, he will pull a letter out of his mouth. As he hands the letter to you, he will attack you. Finish him any way you can. If you have killed him, find the stairs, and descend. Hordes of demonic abominations will try and grab you. Run, run, do not stop yourself from falling.

You will gain consciousness in a brightly lit cell, you will be naked. Something in your mouth will make you choke. Spit it out and you will discover it is a letter, on which is written:

"You are the Seeker of the Chthonic,

To reveal what you are looking for, carve the stairs to the Chthonic on your head,

He will come,

Show him the map,

Keep all others away,

Do not resist his beating, however painful,

Lead him to the stairs,

Only then should you reveal this letter to him,

Take his life, you will receive what you seek."

I don't know what Object 303 of 2538 is, but if I get it, will the cycle end?