Object 256

The Holder of Hunger

In any city, in any country, go to any beach or water park with a wave pool you can find. When you are ankle-deep in the water, proclaim that you wish to see "The Holder of Hunger".

Soon, the people around you will begin to vanish. You will become drowsy and want to nod off. I suggest you do, but lie down first, or you're likely to crack your skull on the fall.

It doesn't matter if you go to sleep or not. It's your choice, and it'll take you to the same place. However, if you're awake, you'll see how you get there, what's taking you, and countless other horrors that no man should see. Many go mad on the way down. Be warned, though, if your sanity leaves you, your ride will never end.

If, however, you choose to succumb to sleep, you should wake up far below the surface of a large body of water. You'll be tied to a large wooden post for an undetermined amount of time. You will have to wait until nine others join you. You could be first, you could be last. You could be waiting five minutes, or maybe five thousand years. No matter how long you wait, you'll feel everything - the lack of air in your lungs, starvation, fatigue, unknowable fear - but not death.

When ten people are finally joined in the murky depth at one time, the Holder will emerge. A hulking behemoth, rotten scales hanging loosely from its tainted form, row upon row of jagged teeth lining all three of its slavering mouths. Its eyes will be darker than the blackest of nights. Take care you don't make contact with them, lest you be trapped forever in their depths.

It will turn to each person individually for exactly five seconds before devouring them. This is the worst fate imaginable. It will swallow you whole, slide you down its intestines into one of its stomachs where you will be digested for all eternity. The only way to avoid being devoured is to ask the question, "What do they hunger for?" After eating the other nine, he will explain to you, in horrible detail, exactly what it is They hunger for, and even worse, that it's you who must feed them. He will then eat you.

Have no fear, for the beast only has nine stomachs. You will simply slide past them and through his seemingly endless body. When you come through what should be his anus, you will be back where you started.

The slime you are covered in is Object 256 of 2538. It will never completely wash off.