Object 254

The Holder of Strength

(It is highly advisable that you take at least one of the other Objects, preferably any that are weapons or forms of protection, with you before embarking on this quest.)

In any city, in any country, go to any institution designed to help people become more proficient with any kind of weapon or fighting style. Once inside, say to any person working there, "I wish to spar with the Holder of Strength."

The worker should gasp and take you down a flight of stairs that weren't there before. At the bottom, there will be a large stone door covered in the Language. The worker will unlock the door for you and walk away, laughing hysterically. Now is your last chance to leave. If you are truly determined, this is your last chance to prepare. You are about to enter the most grueling battle you have ever fought.

Once you are through the door, it will shut and lock itself behind you. You will now be trapped in a large room with a giant, fleshless demon armed with a double-edged sword, wearing armor adorned with the remains of fallen Seekers. He will let out a deafening howl and charge toward you. If you manage to dodge this attack, you should notice a spear, made out of what appears to be a solid chunk of otherworldly crystal, stuck in the Holder's back.

Any damage you do to the Holder will heal immediately, and if you are defeated he will skin you alive and devour you whole; your skin will be naught but another trophy for his hellish suit of armor. The only way to kill this terrifying monster of a Holder is to remove the spear from his back. This will not be an easy task, as the Holder is a master of combat, and even if you can grab the spear it will require an enormous amount of force (for a human, anyway) to pull it free.

If you can, by some miracle, successfully remove the spear from his back, the Holder will instantly shatter and the door you entered this room through will open. It will now lead you to the place you call home.

As long as you are in possession of that spear you will be extremely skilled with all types of weapons, as well as with all martial arts. Don't try using it against any of the Holders, however, for they are far more prepared than you will ever be, and they don't like their intelligence being insulted.

The crystal spear is Object 254 of 2538. All the strength in the world won't be able to save you should They come together.