Object 251

The Holder of the Gregarious

Go to a club, preferably one that was abandoned recently, and look for a man. If you don't see him, return another day. If you see him, tell him you are looking for "The Holder of the Gregarious". If he gives you a sadistic grin, run. A terrible fate awaits you if you don't. However, if he gives you a genuinely friendly smile and holds open the door for you, you're safe... for now. Go inside. He will close and lock the door behind you, leaving you alone. Do not try to leave and do not try to break down the door, for your life will be in grave danger if you do.

Now that you are inside, you must walk to the center of the room and either sit or stand, it doesn't matter which. Do not make a sound and do not say anything. It could happen right away, or it could happen after a long wait, but either way, people will begin to appear and the club will appear to come back to life. They will be loud and they will be close to you. Do not cover your ears and do not try to move them away, for if you do, you will be violently attacked by every last one of them. Keep standing there and keep silent. If they begin to talk about you in an unflattering, perhaps even cruel, manner, do not listen in. Should the club fall silent, say to the nearest person, in these exact words, "I do not wish to be the center of attention." Should you have said the right words, the sound should resume.

If you did everything correctly and keep standing quietly, a burly, dark-skinned man will eventually approach you and tell you to come with him. Do not resist and do exactly what he says. He will take you into a dark room where someone is sitting behind a desk. Their face will be in shadow. Ask them, in these exact words, "Why do They want to be together?" That person will move their face out of the shadows as they lean forward, revealing them to be an older version of yourself as the opposite sex, and they will tell you, in graphic detail, how They were born and how They will die. Do not look away from your male or female double and do not try to cover your ears or you will lose the ability to speak. Once your double has told their tale, you will feel faint and collapse. Do not try to protect yourself.

When you awaken, you will be in the abandoned, empty, and locked club. The next time you are in contact with other humans, you will have an unusual understanding of how they truly are.

That understanding is Object 251 of 2538. Do not try to understand Their motives.