Object 241

The Holder of Temptation

In any city, in any country, go to any bank you can get yourself to. Ask the receptionist for "The Holder of Temptation". The receptionist will look at you with surprise, which will quickly change to a mixture of fear and pity. She leads you to an inner room and then into a vault. You enter the vault, and she closes it.

In front of you, along the side of the path, there will be countless piles of gold, jewelry, rare stones, and gems. You will be tempted to take one step out of the path, to grasp and take a closer look at the wealth of unimaginable magnitude. But take note, that once you do, your mind will be trapped forever in a nightmare of wealth and riches, which you will never wake up from.

Continue along the path, and you will see next, hundreds and thousands of books. These books will contain unforeseen knowledge, and reading even one of them would be sufficient for you to be the most intelligent and knowledgeable in the whole world. But take note, once you do so, your mind will be trapped forever in a nightmare of dreams and ambition, which you will never wake up from.

Proceed along the path, and you will see next, dozens of beautiful, ravishing, nubile, and young virgins beckoning. Seek to touch any of their flesh, and you will be condemned to a nightmare of castration and unfulfillable desires.

Slowly proceed along the path, and this time around, you will see at the end of the path, the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, surrounded by the largest piles of gold you have ever seen. She is clearly intelligent, very intelligent. Do not ever, in your eyes or body language, suggest that you are tempted by her body, mind, or wealth, the fates of you will be too unbearable to be written in words.

Ask her in a clear voice, "For what objects, of insignificant worth, shall the world be tempted?" She will give you a puzzled look before breaking out into a wide smile. With a wave of an arm, all the books and gold will disappear. She will then proceed to hand you an ancient coin. Take the coin in a respectful manner, and then slowly walk out of the vault and the bank.

The coin is Object 241 of 2538. You now have the power of temptation. Seek not to use it for personal gain, or else your sanity shall be forsaken.