Object 227

The Holder of Music

In any country, go to any concert hall that you can get yourself to. Once inside, you must sit at the nearest bench or chair that you can find, and wait. You must stay seated there, if at any time you get up from the chair your journey will most certainly come to an end. You must wait until a young woman holding a child walks in. It may only take several seconds of waiting for the woman to walk in, or it may take years. The woman will appear to be lost and confused; approach her. Ask her, "Are you also looking for the Holder of Music?" She will seem to ignore you for several seconds. Then she will ask you to follow her.

She will bring you onto the stage and then reveal 3 trapdoors leading underneath the stage. Open the one on the far right, but do not go inside unless you desire to see the devil himself. The far left door will then open and a man will walk out of it. He will become enraged that the woman brought the child into his concert hall. He will pull a knife from his jacket and tell this woman that if she lays down it will be easier. She will calmly, and obediently, do as he says. He will lean closer to her, whisper something into her ear, and finally slit her throat. He will then tell you that if you lay down, it will also be much easier. Do so. Instead of cutting your throat, he will take his knife and stab it into your left leg. You will go dizzy and blackout.

Next, you will find yourself at sea, near-drowning. The knife will be stuck into your leg; you must not remove it until you are on dry land. If you manage to stay afloat for more than 10 minutes, you will find a Spanish-style guitar floating in the waves. Take it and use it to keep yourself afloat. Simply stay alive until you see a boat with the name "Claire" painted on its side. A crewman on the boat will eventually notice you, throw you a rope, and pull you into the boat. Once aboard do not say anything, at all. No matter what they ask you or tell you, do not say a word, for they are all liars. They will remove the knife and stitch up the gash. Remain on the boat until they reach a harbor. Once on land never return to the concert hall, or the man in the suit will most certainly kill you.

The guitar is Object 227 of 2538. Never play it.