Object 225

The Holder of Lore

In any city, in any state, in any country, find any graveyard you can get yourself to. Eventually, you will find a crypt that is mysteriously left open. Enter the crypt and place your hand on the coffin inside and recite the following:

"Ego volutarie recipero meus fortuna." (Latin for "I willingly accept my fate.")

If the Holder accepts, you will find yourself in what appears to be an ancient ruined city. If you don't hear screams of agonizing pain, there really is not much you can do other than close your eyes and hope it doesn't take too long for you to die. If this does happen, keep your eyes closed no matter what. Sometimes, it's best not to see your death coming.

Otherwise, keep walking straight ahead. Don't stop to look at anything or talk to anybody else you might think you see. You don't want to still be there come nightfall.

After what seems like hours of walking, you will find yourself at the steps of a great Citadel. When you get to the door, don't knock or say anything, just wait. After a few seconds, the door will either swing open or nothing will happen. But if nothing happens, you will just have to wait until nightfall for one of "them" to find you and hope it's over quickly. Otherwise, walk in.

You will see two flights of stairs. They both seem to lead to the same balcony, but don't be fooled. They will both lead to certain death. Walk back through the door you came in and you will find yourself in the presence of the Holder of Lore. Ask him one question and nothing else: "How did they come to be?"

The Holder will speak at great length about the creation of the Objects. He will ask you questions about your life, but don't answer. He is testing your willingness to learn. When he finishes talking, he will disappear and in his place will be a dark, rusty blade about the length of your forearm, along with its sheath. Sheath it quickly and hurry to leave as fast as you can.

The blade is Object 225 of 2538. Do not draw it until the time is upon you.