Object 223

The Holder of the Equation

Go to any college or university's math department, find the senior professor's office, and tell him you are looking for "The Holder of the Equation". If he replies that you can't possibly be serious, tell him, "I've been studying my whole life." He will shake his head, and lead you down to an elementary school classroom where several children are taking a test.

Wander around if you wish, but take care not to look too closely at their test papers; if you do, you may realize that two plus two is not necessarily equal to four in this realm, and the knowledge will destroy the fragile logical structures holding your mind together in this place.

Once their test is over, the teacher will collect the tests and begin to grade them. This is the Holder of the Equation, and he will only threaten you if you fail his test. Approach him, and ask, "What do they add up to?" He will look at you with an intrigued look, and hand you a blank test from underneath the desk. Pick it up, take it to a desk, and start working on it.

It's quite simple. If you reach the end, you pass. If you find yourself unable to progress further, you should start teaching yourself how to solve the problems on the test, or you may be here a long time. There's no time limit, you'll never be hungry or thirsty, never need to do anything but solve these problems that just get harder and harder. Countless Seekers have gotten stuck on this test and many just resign themselves to their fate, staring blankly at the one problem they can't solve, hoping for a spark of insight that will never come.

After what may actually be an eternity, you will discover that you have solved every problem in mathematics that has ever existed or will ever exist. Once you've passed the test, stand and shout, "I have passed your test, Holder! I will understand your answer!" The Holder will stand up, come over to your desk, and start to explain how He first solved the equation, and what it took to prove his solution. He will explain how the Objects are solutions, and why their existence gives meaning to things like Pi, E, and the Golden Ratio. He will then pull an old, folded-up piece of paper out of his pocket and hand it to you. Close your eyes. You will be on an elevator in the building you started in, and its doors will open to the lobby.

Written on the paper is the equation, Object 223 of 2538. When you learn to solve it, you will know how to bring them together.