Object 205

The Holder of the Influence

This man used to work for a certain country's intelligence agency (he won't say which one). Over the course of his experience there, he learned certain techniques that are known to be effective in gathering data. Whether or not he approves of these methods used this way is, sadly, left to speculation. Whatever the case, he now speaks of seminars, and sells a packaged crash course of a modified version of a technique he was taught. He is known to be based in Florida, but you'd be hard-pressed to find him there, since his work calls for travel.

This is where the Object comes into play. He knows about the certain threshold of brain frequency that one crosses as one is falling asleep, and in fact, by now it is common knowledge to those who have been shown even in a passing glimpse of the realms of alpha and theta waves.

The delta band, although placed at different frequencies for everybody, is where one is when he, or she, is in such a deep sleep that there are no dreams present; indeed, everyone who trains in meditation knows that it is actually a portal, a gateway, if you like, into a higher level of mind operation. This has been tagged as many things; "enlightenment", "awakening", and other variations of such a concept. It is not an accident that in normal human beings, the only time they will show a dominating arc of delta waves is if they are deep in Stage 4 sleep. Very few humans have ever been capable of slowing their brain frequency down to the delta band without falling asleep, because the knowledge granted the person during this state is not meant for the unprepared. The Holder himself calls it the "god-like" state. Be forewarned; if you attempt this excursion unguided, you must maintain total trust in yourself, a task easier said than done.

The man has decided to teach this technique to any and all who can afford it. Whether or not this is truly a good thing, we can only do our best with what we have and let the chips fall where they may. If you have encountered this state of mind, then you should already know to be alert, because it didn't stick with you for no reason.

The conscious state of delta is Object 205 of 2538. Use it well.