Object 202

The Holder of Clairvoyance

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to, and ask to visit someone who calls himself "The Holder of Clairvoyance". The worker ought to narrow their eyes and glare at you - keep asking until they hand you a pair of glasses and lead you around back. Wear the glasses.

You will be led down a long, narrow hallway with an open window at the end. There will be rope hanging over the windowsill; grab it and pull. If the rope suddenly becomes lighter, or if your guide takes you anywhere else, run. It doesn't matter where, just run. What is chasing you is something no human was ever meant to see.

At the bottom of the rope, as you'll find once you've pulled it all up through the window, is the corpse of a man with a silver coin in his mouth. Remove the glasses as soon as you catch sight of the coin - if you do, you'll see the coin melting into the corpse's flesh, rejuvenating it. If you don't take them off in time, you'll see the corpse's flesh spread out, enveloping you, and you'll be trapped on the end of the rope forever.

When the coin has disappeared, release the rope and ask the question: "When will it all be clear?" The corpse, living again, will grab the window and slowly pull itself up; all the while telling you the truths of the world and all the horrors hiding behind the world's countless lies. He will tell you every dirty, terrible secret of mankind, and he will tell you when the fa├žade will crumble. At the end of his tale, he will ask you for the glasses.

If you give them over, the truths you just learned will be banished from your mind and you will be trapped on the other side of the window. If you refuse, he will say, "You have seen what really is." Respond with "Nothing is clear," and the man will disappear as the truths sink in.

Put on the glasses when you are ready, then flee toward where you came from. Don't attempt to remember the exact directions, just keep running, as if the devil himself were at your heels. When you finally collapse, you will feel an eternal second of hideous agony. When you awake, the glasses will be in your pocket. They grant the ability to see the truth of a statement.

These glasses are Object 202 of 2538. Do you really wish to see through the lies?