Object 150

The Holder of Numbness

In any city, in any country, go to any military base you can get yourself to. Tell one of the officers that you wish to see "The Holder of Numbness". The officer will respond with a salute, and lead you to a short hallway, whose sole door is covered in inscriptions.

As you approach the door, you will feel a natural urge to flee. If you succumb to it, you will spend the rest of your life tormented by the thought of what might lie behind the door. However, if you stand your ground, you will be left to decipher the runes covering the door; they are a password. If you are meant to take this Holder's Object, the password will come to mind examining the runes; say it aloud.

If the password is correct, the door will slowly open. Beyond it is a small room, with human flesh covering every surface. Carved into that flesh are more runes. A man with filthy, floor-length hair, covered in what appears to be fleshy camouflage, will be sitting in the middle of the room, carvings into the floor with what appears to be a military utility knife. As soon as you step into the room, he will turn his attention to you, revealing a pair of orange eyes and a hideously scarred face. You will feel an intense sorrow, followed by dread. Ask him one question: "How did it happen?"

The Holder of Numbness will grin maniacally and hand you his knife. With an otherworldly voice, he shall then utter a single word from an unknown language. That word conveys an image, a message of horrors beyond human understanding. It shatters all mental barriers, driving most who hear it into madness and suicide. If you manage to withstand it, return the Holder's knife. He will then proceed to hand you a holster before resuming his work.

Said holster contains a handgun covered in intricate runic designs. Its stopping power is unmatched. If you choose to fire that gun, you will feel a numbness spread from your hand to your entire body. This sensation will never leave you, and will eventually cover your mind and soul.

That Object is 150 of 2538. Perhaps it will stop them. Perhaps it is all a fool's gambit.