Object 139

The Holder of Entertainment

In any city, in any country, go to any movie theater you can get yourself to. You must drive to the theater, for if you fail, you must go fast enough to escape the horrors that will chase you. Go up to the box office, and ask to see the film called "The Holder of Entertainment". If the worker calls for security, then run to your car and drive out of the state, and don't come back for a month. Only then will it be safe to come back. If she, and only a she, nods and hands you a blue ticket, go inside and find a theater that doesn't look like it belongs there. It shouldn't be hard to find.

Go inside, and you will find a lone seat. Sit down, and wait for twenty minutes. If nothing happens, then you will be sealed inside forever, and it will be as if you never existed. However, if a film starts playing, then you've made it. The screen will display every war, every man used for the sole purpose of destruction for another man's enjoyment. This will go on for hours, days, maybe even weeks. Keep your sanity, stare right into the screen while this is going on. Then, after it's over, simply walk out of the theater. Drive to your house, and live your life. Keep the blue ticket with you.

After three days, sit on your bed at midnight. Wait there quietly, turn off your cell phone, TV, anything. When you hear a growl, get out the blue ticket. The growling will get louder, and soon you will see a strange creature in front of you. It will try to lunge at you, but when it does, rip the ticket. Rip it in front of the creature's face, and it will let out a horrible screech, die after a few minutes, then disappear, as will the torn ticket. On the spot the creature disappeared, there will be a ticket stub.

The ticket stub is Object 139 of 2538. Written on it is one simple word, remember it. It could be your only chance of survival.