Object 136

The Holder of the Fact

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls herself "The Holder of the Fact". The worker will slowly turn their head up from the inevitable mounds of paperwork they were focused on, and a sly grin should slide across their features, as if in silent mockery. They will slowly stand and lead you toward the entrance to the institution. Instead of the entrance, however, is a large gothic staircase.

As you climb the stairs, you will hear insane blasphemies uttered by gibbering voices, and the cry of someone in pain calling out your name from the foot of the stairs, begging you to abandon this madness. It is vitally important that you continue up the stairs, as only horror awaits at the foot of them now.

Eventually, you will come to a large door at the top of the stairs. Grip the handle strongly, close your eyes, and enter. Just keep walking ahead. No matter what you hear, no matter what you feel, it is crucial that you do not open your eyes. Regardless of which direction you headed in, you should soon find yourself at a dead-end. In front of you is a shelf, entirely empty except for a small, unassuming leather book. Pick up this book, and turn to the very last page. On it is a picture of a key. Look up again. You're now facing a large stone door, with the words "Deux ex Insania" engraved on it.

Reach out and open the door, being careful not to gag as the centuries-old dust from within bursts out. Crouched in the corner, nearly invisible in the dust storm stirred up by your intrusion, crouches the Holder. She scribbles madly, the scratching of the ancient quill in her hands forms into subconscious words in your mind, even as the Holder continues to write. The quill tells you of ancient horrors, of immemorial madness, of the absolute bitterness of the uncaring cosmos, and it tells you of your tiny, meaningless existence, a mere inkblot in the sprawling infinity of our universe, and finally, the insane scratching will tell you the one piece of information that leaves many a Seeker a broken shell of a human. The quill will tell you Their true name.

That name is Object 136 of 2538. Know Them to know Him.