Object 127

The Holder of the Seven Masks

In any country where there are still untamed woods, go to them while clearly thinking "The Holder of the Seven Masks". As you enter the woods, you should feel a gentle force pulling you deeper into the center. If not, leave immediately and come back another day.

As you walk deeper into the woods, pay close attention to your surroundings. They will grow unnaturally dark, and you will see shadows darting between the trees. Do not be afraid of them, unless they stop moving and head toward you. If you value your life, you must close your eyes, put your hands together in prayer, and as calmly as you can, say, "I just wish to see the elders." If they do not stop, they will grab you, ensuring your end will be met in that wood; all your flesh will be torn from you and your still-living body will be fed to wolves.

If they recede, continue following the gentle pull. Eventually, when the forest has become so dark you can no longer determine if there is a canopy or simply night sky, you will see a campfire. Walk toward it, and around it will sit six men, wearing only loincloths and masks, each one identical but for color. Sit down in the empty space in the ring and look at each one in turn before asking, "When will it die?"

They will each turn toward you one at a time, and as you meet each one's gaze, you will see horrible visions of how the world could end. Each one will last an eternity, but will be condensed into a moment. Many go mad from these powerful visions, and some attempt to put out their eyes with sticks from the fire, but you must steel yourself. If you, by some miracle, survive and remain sane through all the visions, you will find a new mask in your hand. You will feel an incredible urge to put it on. You must do so, because if you disgrace these elders, you will be cursed to ritual sacrifice. Your soul will be split into seven parts and sent into seven separate hells of suffering.

When you put on the new mask, you will see the true end of the world. This vision will be the most powerful, and no matter how resilient your mind you will break and lose all consciousness. When you awake, the fire will be dying, and the elders will be gone. All that remain are the seven masks. Pick them up and close your eyes. You will appear outside the wood, and you will see yourself at the beginning of your journey into the woods. Do not stop your past self, however, for if you do you'll be trapped in a time paradox.

The seven masks are Object 127 of 2538. If one is lost, the other six will also vanish, and with them all hope.