Agenda Page

  • This is a page out of Anne's planner.
  • Hmm, seems Anne and Nathan were a thing...

Article Draft

  • This is an article that Anne has added notations to.

Card Holder, containing Business Card

  • The business card inside belongs to Anne.
  • OMG, she included "full-time mom" as a credential...
    • She is so full of her herself, it hurts.
  • Lining the edge design on the back with the design on the holder reveals the saying:

Contact Letter

  • Once again, our contact is committing a crime in order to solve a murder...
    • She wants us to crack Harrison's passcode so she can snoop through his phone.

Lillian and Marcus's Emails

  • This transaction documents Lillian leaving Marcus as a coach for Nathan.
  • It also mentions the "cross-eyed" pigeon comment that according to the article draft was said by Harrison, not Marcus.

Phone Accessory

  • This is a popsocket with Harrison's lettered logo on it.

Routine Evaluations

  • These are just Nathan's mind maps and notes of routines.
  • Using Harrison's slogan "Turn Your World Upside Down" and his current routine (Jazz Suite No. 2), we can crack his passcode.
    • Turn the design upside and make believe you are looking at numbers on a keypad.

Written Requests

Nathan LaPalma

  • This is Nathan's request to no longer share the ice during practice times with Marcus.

Anne Campbell

  • Anne requested that her son, Harrison, be allowed to have a lettered logo on the back of his costume.

Kurtis Linford

  • This guy is simply asking to have Nathan's office cleared out after his death. Carol still hasn't cleaned it out after weeks of non-use.